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Yarabata Ridge – 5th Avenue lyrics

I was walkin' with my baby down 5th avenue
When I came accross a policeman he said who are you
I said my name is Andrew from out of town
He said you had better come to the polices station
And that's downtown

Ra Ra - Ra Ra

I got in his car and we went downtown
We arrived at the police station about a quarter to one
He took me down stairs to the cells
I said wait a minute mr policeman
What have I done

Ra Ra - Ra Ra

He said son you'd better get a lawyer
Your'e gonna be here a mighty long time
I said, but I havn't done anything to break the law
He said you've been dealin' with the white stuff
And that's a crime

Ra Ra - Ra Ra

Oh mr policeman What have you done
I really know That I'm not the one
I couldn't have been the one That you saw
As I know I didn't Break the law

I said it's been a setup and I'm gettin' the blame
He said we got the proof it seems such a shame
I said, I didn't have any white stuff wouldn't break the law
He said that's a lie
Cause we know what we saw

Ra Ra - Ra Ra

So now I'm in trouble didn't do any wrong
I'm not believed that's why I wrote this song
It doesn't make sense I know it's a frame
Some people think life
Is just a game

Ra Ra - Ra Ra

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