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XTC – Obscene Procession lyrics

Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession?
Clad in fox fur all cocky, they're violent and insane
Pink and wobbling with all their possessions
They live on junk food and tv and booze
And bottles of pain relief pills and all.

Don't you love them?
They make life hell here
And think there's heaven above 'em.

Can't you hear 'em in obscene procession?
It's called talking, it's how they betray their closest friends.
Cough and wheezing, they dribble pretension,
Slimy tongues tell the truth which they love to bash and bend.

Can't you smell 'em in obscene procession?
Stink of bacon, defoliants, [fear/beer] and [small cigars/swastikas]
Whips and semen, adulterous confessions,
Mixed with money and those little refreshments
Hung in their cars and wardrobes and all

Don't you hate
Those full of hot air
They need their warfare
To deflate 'em.

Animals beware
Knives and forks that glare
Never trust those staring humans
Being the worst
Especially when they're hungry.

Animals beware
Knives and forks so bare
Never trust those staring humans
Being the worst
Especially when they're hungry
They make each other hungry
There's no need to be hungry
Not today.

Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession?
Fat and pompous, they crush their only children to the floor
Aren't you glad that I told you about them?
Aren't you glad you never evolved up any more?

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