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X-Raided – Fuckin Wit A Psycho lyrics

This'll be the day that I die
Lettin the nigga bleed cause I shot a fuckin hole in his eye
That nigga brain pissed blood just because of my 9
Sayin, "Please don't let me die"
I let the muthafucka die
The others cry and beg for their souls
I killed 50 people now I'm diggin 50 holes
One got away, Number 49 is runnin
He fell a few times, boom-boom, I kept comin
You can run but you can't escape
And if you wanna know more, Yo

[Verse 1]
I had a vision of a murder
X-Raided sittin in the house with the 9 in my hand
And a joint in my mouth
Straight fuckin with that Cisco, It got me 'noid
I never should've started fuckin with them 40's
Now I'm sprung out, stuck on the killa tip
Trippin like a muthafucka but now I'm through with it
Got on the phone said,
"Micko I'm on my way, My bitch is trippin, I need a place to stay"
"She's talking to me like I got no brain"
Cause of the Cisco or cause I'm insane
Brotha Lynch been through the same thang though
But X-Raided can't be trippin over no hoe
So I got my 9, I was stressin
Threw on the locc's and hat, To keep 'em guessin
Went outside, In the house, There was a dead bitch
That's what she get for marrying a lunatic
I went on a killin spree, Shootin that night
Niggaz dyin cause me and my bitch had a fight
I know it's fucked up but fool that's the price ya payin
Niggaz fadin and bitches too when I'm sprayin
See I don't give a fuck about shit
Even if ya know me, I'll smoke ya and let you be a (dead homie)
Show me you're a lunatic like so
And ya might live when ya fuckin wit a psycho

[Hook] [2X]
Don't fuck with a crazy muthafucka
Don't fuck with a (a muthafuckin psycho)
Don't fuck with a real (real) nigga (nigga)

[Verse 2]
I did a walk by and the attitude I have is,
"Fuck everybody if they aint from the Gardens"
Little voices in my head got me doin dirt
The evidence of a murder printed on my shirt
Is it the Cisco that's fuckin up my head?
It got me quenchin for the thirst of a nigga dead
Was my bitch right? Am I crazy?
Why am I thinkin the worlds tryin to fade me?
The only answer that I know is to kill a chump
Watchin his ass bleed the pellets of a Riot Pump
I got two homies, Micko and Brotha Lynch
They know I'm crazy but they just gettin convinced
Yeah, Now watch me kill this muthafucka
I cracked his spine, Take two licks like a Tootsie Roll Sucka
I moved my patterns when I saw his body drop
His neck was broke and his spinal cord was popped
I can't be stopped, I gotta take a fools life
I'm outta bullets, So fuck it, I'll use my knife
Who's next to die? Don't nobody know bitch
There aint no tellin when you're fuckin with a psycho

[Hook] [2X]
Don't fuck with a crazy muthafucka
Don't fuck with a (a muthafuckin psycho)
Don't fuck with a real (real) nigga (nigga)

[Verse 3]
I'm lookin for a slaughter, Some Jack the Ripper shit
So I take a bitch and stick a fat knife in her clit
Watch her twist, My dick turned to stone
Cause I love to hear a muthafucka scream in a scared tone
And then it's on, I'm diggin in a dead bitch
She can't feel it but I gives a fuck, I like the shit
I hear sirens, That's all I need to know
The cops is on their way, It's time for me to go
I hit a fence and I was headin for the house shot
On Deuce-Four street, The cops had a roadblock
What the fucks next? That's what I'm thinkin
I'm butt-naked and my plot is straight sinkin
I grabbed the bitch who was standin on the corner
"You scream or holla and I'll smoke you", I warned her
I put the knife to her throat and I yelled out,
"Clear the streets or this bitch gon' have another mouth."
The cops was like "Yeah, Let the lady go"
I said "Hell no, I'll kill this bitch and that's on the fo"
I had the bitch by the throat and wasn't lettin go
She gotta die cause they fuckin with a psycho

[Hook] [2X]
Don't fuck with a crazy muthafucka
Don't fuck with a (a muthafuckin psycho)
Don't fuck with a real (real) nigga (nigga)

[Verse 4]
Now I'm in a fucked up spot but I got a cool plot that imma use
And Imma kill the hoe if they refuse to let me go
Cause nigga, I know what's up
If I cut the bitches' throat, Then I'm fucked
The cops don't care about blowin the top off me
Cause I'm delayin their donuts and coffee
So I thought about my plot, Imma kill the hoe
Based on the fact I put it on the muthafuckin fo
Cop, Ya best to drop ya weapons and shit
Either that or imma let the bitch have it
The cops was like "Go ahead, Kill the trick"
Probably cause the girl was a black bitch
I said, "Okay" and put the knife to her throat
I took a swing and then headed towards Jumbo
They started blastin and blastin at me
About 20 shots, They never hit a nigga, G
I was runnin low, Tryin not to get popped
Gettin chased by a hundred white cops
I got shot then I dropped, lights out
Yo, Just another day in the life of a psycho

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