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WWF – Ministry (undertaker Theme) lyrics

Where the mic at? Ohh..
Vacant Lot.. 2000!
It's Meeno.. And I be Untouchables
We ain't never gonna stop!
We ain't gon' never stop! Let's go!

I got mi-raculous flows, attackin my foes
I'm an inch away from the crown and my faculty knows
I'm the middle of the pound, the bottom of the brick
The rawest of the raw, guaranteed to trip when I flip
Uhh, with precision, I made a decision
Either bury you alive, or on the milk carton missin
Better yet, find me late night in your kitchen
Or a newsflash - body found in lake fishin
?? Told y'all, when I speak you better listen
Too late, forty-four's already on the mission
I'm the judge and the jury, the witness and the D. A.
Red light, green light, the car and the freeway
Everything you rapped in one
I'm the verse that you kick, when you rap for fun
I'm the person that you hit, when you blast your gun
And what make it so sick, that I just begun, verse one

Chorus: Meeno

I'm known as the King, dead man walking
Fear no man, and I live in a coffin
Look me in my eyes, tell me what you see
King of the streets, Meeno and I be
Known as the King, a dead man walking
Fear no man, and I live in a coffin
Look me in my eyes, tell me what you see
King of the streets, Meeno and I be..

When we meet in the streets, feel the tango in your feet
It's in the atmosphere - death is near
I'm the burden that you all bear
I'm the person that you all fear - America's worst nightmare
Speak my name - I'll appear right there
It's quite clear, tonight you gon' die here
Make it easy, don't move, just lie there
Thirty more seconds to air, and you outta here
Made your bed, now you got to lie in it
You bout to fry in it, you bout to die, did it
Anything Grease lay down, knows I'm with it
Be the type that will clown while bustin it down
I was taught in these streets, how to spit the rounds
How to freak on these feats, to defeat you clowns
And before we go head up, just to let y'all know
The King of the millenium his name is Meeno


Let's go.. Vacant Lot.. 2000
The game is now locked
Meeno, and I be.. Untouchables, let's go

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