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Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-02-13 lyrics

Here comes Fuanki. Ah, Smakdown. Numbah One. Announcah. He approaches John
Cena and says he is going to, ???Speak you language.??? Fuanki then pulls his
shirt out (it was tucked in) and pulls out a Smackdown hat, putting it on
sideways (Cena: ???Oh no. You didn??™t with the hat. You didn??™t with the hat !???
CLASSIC!) It was GREAT!! Funaki then pulled a paper out of his pocket and
began the interview.
Funaki: ???What up. Dog.???
Cena: Spin that slang? Better think twice.
All you know about dogs is how to make them fried rice.
But the Thuganomical walk is going on this night.
Brock Lesnar better be ready for the true untouchable tonight
Brock Lesnar is getting smoked.
Word life.
Cena then slapped Funaki??™s hat off his head and walked off. A confused
Funaki ended the skit by saying, ???Word rice????
This is serious now. Kill the beat.
People think I??™m crazy. That??™s what everyone is telling me.
That me beating you is like you winning a spelling bee.
That??™s okay because tonight I silence them all.
You??™re a Neanderthal. So I??™ll use words that are small.
???Big Brock Lesnar. Here comes the pain!
God build me strong. Forget to give me brain.???
You hop around all day like there??™s potatoes in your crack.
That??™s a nice tattoo you have. Of your mother on your back.
Yo. I??™m untouchable you can??™t beat my ability.
I??™m like a basic match problem Brock. You just can??™t finish me.

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