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Wounded – Northern Lights lyrics

Northern Lights

Sorrow sunrise carve your strength into my veins.
And make me change.
Make me change.
My hands they shake the hope away,
Oh go away, please go away.
My restless consciousness awaken.
It burns my soul away.
The electric storm that kills my brain.
Stay the fuck away.

And all the damn poetry I spoke of.
Well cut the crap, Im not flying in space.
I'm here on a bench, sitting in my gloom, doing time.
And I will be here again and again.
As I did so many times before.

And free are the souls again, fleeing day by day.
Joining others soul by soul.
Because they know they cannot stay.

Easy to see them dead when you feel nothing.
Easy to bear when they're not yours.
Yet bitter is the hurt that hits you.
When those who died were loved by you.
Heading on towards the madness.
Killing others life by life.
With fright we look at our perspective.
When you loose green you will be blue.

I feel like a child crying for nothing,
Yet my heart is dying for real.
Something has left me once again.
And I cannot hide my tears.
I hide for nothing at all.
But I'm running out of strength.
And though I have not a wish for death.
I will be free when I am removed.

Nothing strange about the fact that rats can die.
Strange dead rats become, who make you cry.
Dead dogs and rats who make you cry.
Little man that died and made us cry.

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