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Worlds Apart – Je Te Donne lyrics

(B. Duval)
I can give you a voice, bred with rhythm and soul
From the heart of a welsh boy who's lost his home
Put in harmony let the words ring
Carry your thoughts we sing
Je te donne mes notes, je te donne mes mots
Quand ta voix les emporte à ton propre tempo
Une épaule fragile et solide a la fois
Ce que j'imagine et ce que je crois
Je te donne toutes mes differences
Tous ces defaults qui sont autant de chances
On sera jamais des "standards", des gens bien comme il faut
Je te donne ce que j'ai, ce que je vaux
I can give you the force
Of my ancestral pride
The will to go on when I'm hurt deep inside
Whatever the feeling whatever the way
It helps me go on from day to day
Je te donne nos doutes et notre indécible espoir
Les questions que les routes ont laissées dans l'histoire
Nos filles sont brunes et l'on parle un peu fort
Et l'humour et l'amour sont nos tresors
Je te donne, donne, donne, ce que je suis
I can give you my voice bred whith rhythm and soul
Je te donne mes notes je te donne ma voix
The songs that I love and the stories I've told
Ce que j'imagine et ce que je crois
I cam make you feel good even when I'm down
Les raisons qui me portent et ce stupide espoir
My force is a platform that you can climb on
Une epaule fragile et solide a la fois
Je te donne, je te donne
Tout ce que je vaux, ce que je suis, mes dons mes defauts
Mes plus belles chances: mes differences

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  • Andy-Reynolds
    I didn't write this, but I produced it and it was number one in France. The guys didn't know how to sing the French bits so we had to do them line by line copying a guide vocal. That's why it has that London accent on the French bits. The studio was A Major Music in West London and I produced it with Tee Green, a great singer who did all the backing vocals and coached the guys when they were singing. The YouTube video has loads of hits.
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