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Wonder Girls – SuperB lyrics

My heart, my soul, my feel, my action
Your heart, your soul, your feel, your action
Your heart, your soul, your feel, your action

Naegeneun banui bando mot on giri neoegeneun beokchanna
Sumeul da sseonna beolsseo
Ipsureul mulgo tteutgo chojohago isseo
Geokjeong ma uri gireun jom dareujanha

You can be the super and duper B, Ah
'Cause I don't, I, I don''t care
Geujeo geureon neohuideul sesangeun naegen jogeum jiruhae

You're superficial and I'm supernatural
Neoneun geu gose, naeil nan imi jeo wie, geureon chaiil ppun

Itjanha, nuguna da Topil pillyon eomneun geoya
Geokjeong ma, neodo jal hago isseo
Butakhae gamjeongjeogin baneungeun nan sirheo
Uriga ganeun giri jom dareul ppunya

Eotteoke on geonjido seolmyeonghal su eobseo
Machi sumswideut machi kkumkkudeut on gil
Gachi garyeogo haedo mannal suneun eobseo
Pyeonghaengseon sogui yeongwonhan gangyeokcheoreom

There are two types of people here
Geobuhal su eobseo nae ikkeullim
Aljanha neowa dalla nan tago natjanha
Bureowo jukgetji geureom neon imi tallak
Pyeongsaeng neon wannabe ttarawa boraji
Geureoda jjijeojin garangi
Another way jeonghaejin gil
Nan A, neon geujeo Super B

Ja, dasi nan naui sesang sogeuro dasi jeo wiro

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    It basiclley is telling about someone or yourself telling someone off. That other person could be better than you at something for a while then when you work at it and get better at something they are and you tell them that even though that they are now the "super b" your are the "supernatural and better a. " then at the end you tell them to go back to your "better" #1 worl because being second place is boring. : 3
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