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Within Temptation – Jillian lyrics

I've Been Dreaming For So Long
To Find The Meaning
To Understand
The Secret Of Life
Why Am I Here
To Try Again

We'll Always
We'll Always
See The Truth,
When It Stares Ya In The Face
Will I Ever
Will I Never Free Myself
Breakin' These Chains

In My Heart In My Soul
I Turn It Back It's My Fault
Your Destiny Is Forlorn
After The Turning Sun
Back In My Heart In My Soul
I Turn It Back
And Then I've Lost
My Key On The Way

I've Been Living For So Long
Many Seasons Passed Me By
I've Seen Kingdoms Through Ages
Rise And Fall
I've Seen It All

I've Seen The Harbour
I've Seen The Wonders
Happ'ning Just In Front Of My Eyes
Will I Ever,
Will I Never Free Myself By Breaking It Right?


Our Dream Ended Long Ago
All Our Stories
And All Our Glories
I Held So Dear
We Won't Be Together For Ever and Ever
No More Tears
I'll Always Be Here
'Till The End

"Voices" Jillian


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    They could well have an entirely different meaning in mind, but it really reminds me in a way of Buddhist philosophy. The singer is lamenting being trapped in the cycle of suffering and reincarnation; they lament being "here again", as they could not "find the meaning" that would free their soul from its chains. And it seems they regret the evil they have caused in the past existences that kept them trapped here in the realm of desire.
    Specifically the sorrow is brought on by the fact that someone he cared about, this Jillian has passed on (possibly to nirvana, or at least another life), and he cannot join her in his current mode of existence.
    Of course, I'm probably way overanalyzing things.
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