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Witch Hunt – Access Denied lyrics

Justify this war with gouged-out eyes- Their P.R. trickery marginalizes
the lives of thousands of innocent victims with the utmost precision-
Statues fall, new flags are raised for the occasion- You've been bought
and sold on the sensation- By the hand of god- this liberation- A cleverly
marketed invasion- Watch the dominoes fall- Watch the death merchants spread
themselves too thin- But with a spoon full of sugar and a hot cup o' fear-
Watch apparatus slip into gear- As media nurtures our culture on glories of
war- They'll tow you back in- Force-fed the bullshit, swallow it whole- But
the jagged edges will tear up your throat- Ina storm of yellow journalism
they've managed to turn neighbor against neighbor- With hysteria rooted deep
in our minds- And the desire to consume not far behind- They've created a
system of deadly design- To help ensure their power's expansion- With a
spoonful of sugar, duct tape, and gas mask- Yellow ribbons and miniature
flags- Murder is put on a pedestal in the name of an ever-changing motive-
Waging war on an unseen enemy- Perpetual bloodshed at the expense of you and
me- Revel in the erosion of your civil liberties- as your morale is lifted by
Bill O'Reily- access to information denied by cultural rapists- who jumped out
of the right wing closets in the wake of 9/11- We are under siege- Sudden swing
to the right- Fashionable fence-straddling fuckers relinquish all control-
Afraid to the rock the boat as this media-state grows- Out of sight-
Out of mind- How many more soldiers will die?- How many people have
died?- "We're sorry. That information is classified."

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