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Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain lyrics

In the twilight glow I seen her
Blue eyes crying in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again
Love is like a dying ember
And only memories remain
And through the ages I'll remember
Blue eyes crying in the rain
Someday when we meet up yonder
We'll stroll hand in hand again
In the land that knows no parting
Blue eyes crying in the rain

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Corrected byMorag Sutton


  • u
    My husband came back after being gone for only a week, when he saw me he started crying not realizing how much he had missed me. It was raining when I picked him up at the bus stop, he had blue eyes, and 3 years later it was my brown eyes that were crying in the rain when I found out he had been killed in a car accident. Meaning: the song brings back memories of our love, love that is still here.
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  • r
    Ron Hardin
    Willie's version of this song, certainly the most recognized, leaves out an important verse in favor of his guitar solo. It goes like this." Now my hair has turned to silver, All my life I've loved in vain. I can see her star in heaven, blue eyes crying in the rain." I still think its a powerful song but wish he could have left that part in. Now it describes a love that can never be reunited in this life, the ultimate sadness.
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  • a
    First verse: it appears that his wife is about to die and he kisses her good by. Then (my) blue eyes crying says he does not want any to see his sorrow.
    Second verse: I agree with love being hot but can be taken away.
    3rd verse: removed by Willie because he needed the time for a very metallic sounding guitar (dobro?).
    Originally it meant that he is old now and had to suffer without love since his wife past.
    4th verse he is looking forward to death so that can be with his wife again.
    His blue eyes crying in the rain is in every verse. He is always sad.
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  • u
    It was Christmas Eve 2015 that I kissed my first true love and wife goodbye in the hospital and we knew we'd never meet again this side of heaven. I have a problem with the line "All my life I've loved in vain". The rest of the song fits our situation exactly. I have of copy of the song by Kitty Wells that I play when I turn out the lights at bedtime. Now I look forward to "Someday when we meet up yonder". P.S. We both have blue eyes!
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  • u
    There is probably a scenario everyone can relate to from their own experiences regarding this song I like the reference to the land that knows no parting meaning the afterlife or heaven. I hope I will see my brother there someday. The song means a certain life changing love even if only for a moment of time and how we long to see that person again if there is another chance- even if it's after death.
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