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Willie D – Gun Talk (Feat. Outlawz & Spice 1) lyrics

Da - da - da - da - da
Willie D
Retreat or get hit
I'm loved by few, hated by many
But guess what?
I don't give a shit
[ verse 1: Willie D ]
fuck it, in the bucket, ready for the drama
Finna heat this muthafucka up like Texas in the summer
Trauma comin like a cold blue, got your body shakin like jelly
Leavin you smelly with bullet wounds to the belly
My adversaries want me dead, my survival's crucial
I see caskets in your muthafuckin future
If you're neutral, stay the hell away from me, bitch
Cause this rotten nigga's ain't never gonna be shit
Mom did her best, but I guess her best wasn't good enough
Cause I stopped knockin bitches out when my nuts got bigger
Bought me a gun and shot my first nigga
Trigger-happy laws suck my c***-suckin balls
I have the paramedics cleanin out your fuckin drawers
They put my muthafuckin homie in the slammer, black
For a stray shooter and a gramm of crack
Damn, this track make me wanna eat it up and shit it out
Pork made when I hit a cop
I'm havin dreams of bloody pictures
My adversary makin wishes
But I ain't sparin them bitches
I let my gun talk
Let it talk, nigga
Let it, let it, let it, let it
I let my gun talk (2x)
[ chorus: Young Noble

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