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Whitlams – I Was Alive lyrics

The night I met you were a fucking disgrace
Tripping over people falling flat on your face
I thought I'd dance with you 'cause you wouldn't remember
A year ago now yeah that was the end of December
There's been blood, and there's been biting
There's been Lizzie Taylor Richard Burton fighting
It's all gone bad, that's alright
'Cause god I was alive
God I was alive

You found your schoolgirl French somewhere in the haze
And I was gone by the middle of the very first phrase
All's fair in love and war in the Eastern Suburbs I suppose
So I emptied the contents of my pocket in your nose

Well here's been blood, and there's been biting
There's been drunk and disorderly fighting
All down the street and through the night
God I was alive
God I was alive

She don't know which one to buy
Australian Shooter or Australian Bride

I throw my head up into the sky
Thank Dionysius for a little while I was alive

Using up fast the last days of my youth
Trying to see if you were coming from my hot tin roof
And rolling down the highway looking like an evil child
40 hours later you'd be back in the wild

There's been blood, biting, Lizzie and Richard, fighting
It's all gone bad, but that's alright
All down the street, all through the night
And god I was alive

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