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The White Stripes – Black Math lyrics

Don't you think that I'm bound to react now?
Well, my fingers definitely turning to black now
Yeah, maybe I'll put my love on ice
Teach myself, maybe that'll be nice, yeah

My books are sitting at the top of the stack now
Well, the longer words are really breaking my back now
Maybe I'll learn to understand
A-drawing a square with a pencil in hand, yeah

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Mathematically turning the page
Unequivocally showing my age
I'm practically center stage
Undeniably earning your wage
Well maybe I'll put my love on ice
And teach myself, maybe that'll be nice, yeah

Listen master, can you answer a question?
Is it the fingers, or the brain
That you're teaching a lesson?
Oh, can't tell you how proud I am
I'm writing down things that I don't understand
Well, maybe I'll put my love on ice
And teach myself, maybe that'll be nice, yeah


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    I believe this song is about being in a relationship but not really being an active part of the relationship. Letting the other person make all the decisions, and although you're in a relationship, you don't really want to be, just kind of going along with it without realizing you're not okay with it. Programming yourself to subconsciously handle each one of the others needs but not really asking yourself if its right that they're getting you to fall before their every whim without questioning; "is it the fingers or the brain that you're teaching a lesson"
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    Since Jack likes to write about school themes (and he does it so well). I'd say he's actually referring to all the crap they make you memorize in school at the risk of loosing your own loves and creativity. Blindly memorizing facts and writing them down and in the end you'll never use a lot of it - especially the math! Unless you go to engineering school that is.
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