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Weird Al Yankovic – Chewbacca What A Wookie lyrics

(Two men talking)
"Which did you like better, Jedi, or the Empire strikes back?"
Empire... Last for me...
Empire Had The Better Ending, I Mean Luke Gets His Hand Cut Off,
Finds Out Vaders His Father, Uh... Han Gets Frozen and Gets Taken
Away By Bobba Fett, It Ends On Such A Downending. I Mean That's What Life
Is, A Series Of Downendings. All Jedi Had Was A Bunch Of Muppets...

Chesa... Be cha Who Onkay Chubaka...
(Music Begins)

Chubaka!!! [Chorus:]

Urrrrrrrr... Uh uh uh uhn, Urrrr...
Chewy!!!!!!!!!!!! [Bridge:]
Ooo uh, Ooo uh, Ooo uh... Urrrr...
(Repeat Chorus)
Urrrrrr... Uhhhh...
(Repeat Bridge)
Urr... Uh...
Chewy is that you?
Ohhh... What A Wookie!!!

Ha Ha Ha... No Bechack han holo Han Solo...

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