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Weird Al Yankovic – Another Tattoo lyrics

Beautiful tats
All over my back
Makes me so proud
I'm gonna shout it out loud
I got another tattoo baby
Yeah another tatto baby
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo)
(Noth noth nother tattoo)
No part of me is blank I'm really ink obsessed
It's like an art show the moment that I get undressed
At every job interview they're just so impressed
Cause I got all my ex-wives' names on my chest
Over here is Clay Aiken
There's a side of bacon,
And a Minotaur pillow-fighting with satan
Next to hello kitty and a zombie iceskating and wait
It's Ronald Reagan

I got these dragons
I got these dolphins
All inscribed on me indelibly
I've had bad reactions
Bad infections
Even hepatitis c
My friends think that I need therapy
Maybe some lazer surgery
For the flaming goat skull on my knee
Knee (knee) knee (knee) knee hey
Beautiful tats (yeah) all over my back (all over)
And I've got some space here
On the side of my face here
For another tattoo baby
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo) another tattoo baby
(Noth noth nother tattoo) another tattoo baby
No I'm not high (high)
I'm really ok (ok)
I just love these scribbles (haha) that won't go away
I got another tattoo baby
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo a noth noth noth nother tattoo)
Another tattoo baby
(Noth noth nother tattoo babe)
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo)

Yes there were a few
I got from a losing a bet
I misspelled a word or two
Still there's nothing I regret
My shopping trips are no sweat
There's never stuff I forget
Check out this rad Boba Fett
He's playing clarinet
Beautiful tats (yeah) all over my back (all over)
And what the heck (haha)
There's still room on my neck (waa)
I'll get another tattoo baby
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo) another tattoo babe
(Noth noth nother tattoo)
I don't know why (why)
But every day (day)
Whenever folks see me
They just back away (wo)
I got another tattoo
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo babe)
(Noth noth nother tattoo)
Another tattoo baby
(A-noth-noth-nother tattoo babe)
(Noth noth nother tattoo)

Dehh... ok right there by my elbow. see?
Yeah I got a couple of square inches left
So maybe a squid or a tarantula or something
I dunno surprise me

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