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Ween – I Play It Off Legit lyrics

Where've you been?
I was out with Pat
Was she shootin' shit?
Yeah, but I played it off legit

Talkin' to some joe, hangin' out shootin' shit
Tries to tell me somethin', I play it off legit

How did you handle it?
I played it off legit

So pleasant when the sails of the seas of orion gently slip
No more need for God's sorrow, I just play it off legit

Dude's hounding this bitch, okay, I'm checkin' out the shit laughin' (yeah)
Later on I'll fuck her (oh man), she knows I'm legit
(She does? I didn't know that) (That's right) (From the start)
(bitch was houndin' and shit) (Tell me about that s*** scorpion)
A s*** scorpion that stings her with wit
I play it off legit because I know I'm legit
(That's right, I know you're legit)
(I'm legit) (Played it off cool)

My ma bought me a cool shirt, when I wear it I'm the shit
I'm really not that legit, my mom bought it
(She wasn't playing it off legit either) (Nah, she knows I'm legit)
(Did you clap when you saw her?)
I clapped when I saw her, when I found her, you split
When I'm on the go, you know I'm legit

(I mean, I was really legit, up on the go that night)
(Ah you were... Know I'm legit)
(You know I'm legit
(Do it, keep it going... Tell 'em about joe)

Talkin' to some joe, hangin' out shootin' shit (right)
Tries to tell me somethin', I play it off legit (that's right)
You wanna hear about the scorpion?

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