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Webb Pierce – Rose And A Thorn lyrics

Well a long time ago a little girl loved a boy
And it filled her heart with so much joy
One day he left her didn't tell her goodbye
Broke the little girl's heart and made the poor little girl cry
And the rose was born from the tears that fell
All heaven cried with her that's the story they tell
When you see a rainbow after a storm
You know a love has died a little girl cried and a rose's been born
(And a rose was born)

Well time moved along a little boy met a girl
And she captured his heart and set him in a whirl
One day she left him didn't tell him goodbye
Broke the little boy's heart and made the poor little boy cry
But a thorn was born from the tears he shed
And down through the ages to the rose has been wed
And just a reminder a sign meant to worn
A little boy lied a little boy cried and a thorn was born
(And a thorn was born)
That's a a story of a rose and a thorn that's a a story of a rose and a thorn
That's a a story of a rose and a thorn

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