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Waka Flocka Flame – Luv Dat Gun Sound lyrics

Ring alarm! Dem boys in town
Like joc, lay dat pussy nigga down
I don't talk, I don't laugh, I just frown
From da eagle 2 da choppa, love dat gun sound
X2 luh dat gun sound, luh dat, luh dat gun sound

Waka Flocka Flame or just murdaman flocka!

Verse 1
Run up on gucci ya might loose ya life
I'll do 7, you in heaven, won't think twice
Murdaman flocka I keep a heavy choppa
I'm down with so icey I'm a real top shotta
Lite skin rasta, move like da mobstaz
Rob yo ass for ganja so giv it up potna
I hang with da killers, we go ape like gorillaz
Yes we gon rob you and then we mite kill you
Alwayz missin breakfast, eatin on sum cereal
Flocka! Waka flocka!


Verse 2
We street thuggin what da fuck is corporate thuggin?
Homey betta stop all dat mean muggin
I say 2 words, shawty buss
Love 2 trap, love 2 cuss
I'll talk 2 a nigga b4 I puttem in da dirt
Tellem what the fukk he did and why da fukk he gettin murked
50 rounds strapped make your life line flat

(Run up on dat nigga) why da fukk deez niggaz hatin


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