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Waco Jesus – I Hope He Beats You lyrics

Take a look around at all the shit that's going down and maybe you all fucking realize how far we
Haven't come challenging the limits of what's explicit and inhuman this shit in your face straight to
The point and you can't fucking stop it. It never ceases to amaze me, what the fuck they'll do for
Money no mother fucking dignity a piece of shit subordinate is all you'll fucking ever be forced oral
Sex until you fucking vomit numerous deafening blows to your fucking head what keeps you coming
Back for more punishment a choke hold on your neck beating your fucking ass from bad to worse to
Pure fucking shit is where this world is fucking headed it never eases to amaze me, what a cunt will
Do for money, I watch you get brutality fucked, it's not enough I hope he beats you [Repeat 8x] Your
Pleasure means nothing your pain is everything how much can you take what your breaking point My
Sexual preference is sexual violence, Your agony the fucking intent She's so goddam beautiful all I
Want you to do is smash her fucking face in treat her like the cunt she is your fucking nothing [4x] I
Hope he beats you [4x] Forced oral sex until you fucking vomit, numerous deafening blows to your
Fucking head from bad to worse to pure fucking shit is where this world is fucking headed.

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