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Vybz Kartel – Warn Dem Counteraction (Movado Diss) lyrics

Wah him a talk bout him a squeeze (Mavado is A barber for life!!)
Tell him guh squeeze bumb outta man face
Or squeeze him razor

Only ting yuh squeeze a di chair weh fi trim seed
Long gun up mi slim sleeve mek skin leave
Man a di baddest man in di West Indies
Ak wah chinese we invecindies
Buss it!.. Till it breeze run on its split knees
Teacha nuh bitch like gogo weh strip tease
Chris Rock pass mi a clip please wit dese hallow tip sting metal lick bees
Wah do mafraudo?

Yuh dads must put a bug inna yuh
Me would put shot hole like a bug inna yuh
Jamie use bin elly put a slug inna yuh
Yuh bredda funny suh batty man blood inna yuh

Yuh dads must put a bug inna yuh
Me wi put rifle bullet and slug inna yuh
Jamie Bi nelly sing like club inna yuh
Yuh nuh si di bwoy run outta lyrics

Ey how bad man fi bawl inna prison
Wen a mi picture deh pon every wall inna prison
Den.. Man fling him trew glass inna prison
Anuh prison ah jail.. Yuh coodnt last inna prison
Mi nuh kill children, mi nuh kill new band
Big fish like cooooodrahh claflew gone, few gone, you gone, funeral suit on
Full black yuh wear nuh change it keep dat on
Black on
Teacha nuh joke like lock on
Informa singer bwoy stock in ya strap on
Call up me name unnu dead wen mi pop on
Nine milli wid di blue cap on

Soul singing and funeral not your singing
You will inna di coffin
Di church ah your singing
Herst bringing
Ya friend dem squirmishing
Ya nyam pussy like certain ah your kitchen

Watch him, a beg man fi warn mi
Wen a him c** seh him wah war me
And dem a run wen mi rollout mi army
Him a bigga pussy den sharon punany

Him a beg man fi warn mi
Wen a him c** seh him wah war meh
And dem a run wen mi rollout mi army
Dem a bigga pusy den sharon punany

Bout yuh nuh buss nine inna song
Run outta rhyme inna song
No lyrics yuh likkle bird brain coodnt find inna song
Too much tongue time inna palm
Ah talk bout level
Ah you level like long
Wen you get 12 gage pebble like sand
Cooper mek yuh skin look like julian di white man
Fi test Kartel yuh quite wrong
Shawty nuh tell you bout icky batty
Yuh nuh kno shawty
Mia nah happy
Mi nuh nyam she nuh suck cocky
Your baby modda name Daila weh left you
Tell mi yuh nyam it like Burger King, kfc, and taste the patty..

And yuh wah war me
And ah you run wen mi call army
You a bigger pussy den sharon punany

You a beg man fi warn mi
Wen a you c** seh yuh wah war me
And a run wen mi rollout mi army
Him a bigga pussy den sharon punany

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