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Vision Of Disorder – Up In You lyrics

Words no action.
Spineless bastards
Your world's a joke.
You better watch your step
Where you put your foot.
Where you pointing that finger
All your ignorance
Your talking so much shit
Seems like a degree of jealousy
I can't break from the hate I feel
It's too late can't go change the tide
You were the one to talk
With your scattered accusations
Nothing but a punk caught up in the masses
Up in you, what the fuck you gonna do
Go bitch go get your friends
Your all so superficial so god damn predictable
Suckers until the end
I've been living in too much sin
Someday you shall see the light
By then dust and bone.
I'll break every tooth in your face
It's too late you should have kept away
You were the one to talk with
Scattered accusations
You're nothing but a punk caught up in the masses
Watch what you're saying
Watch what you're doing
Cause people are subjected to change
I ain't slipping
I ain't leaving
Be straight when you come at me
No standards, just actions
I'm pushing past the point of success
So you best check yourself
When you're talking your shit
Where you're getting your facts from
For your information
I never sunk the needed
Only time can bleed the vein
I told you I've been
Living in too much fucking sin
Someday you shall see the light
By then dust and bone.
Biting on cool lips below
Searching for the sun
Mindless bastards
Pointing fingers
Mindless bastards
Your world's a joke..

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