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Victoria Williams – Why Look At The Moon lyrics

Words by Victoria Williams

Willows were swaying
The Water was rippling
The froggies were singing
Along with the lapping at the bank
We have the moon to thank
For this lovely scene
We might never have seen
If it hadn't of been for the moon
Why look at that moon
Oh way up high
Seeing everything
Ah yes that goes by
Why look at that moon
Why why why
Look at the moon
Why why why
Look at the moon
Oh sittin' in the desert
Beneath the lonesome sky
Ooh my oh my it would be
Of if there'd never been above
That fateful (faithful?) little orb
That one that has beheld true love through history
Why must it start
Why must lovers part
Why does the cheating go on
Why have hearts turned to stone
(Repeat Chorus)
Why look at that moon
Ain't it grand
Why look at that moon
Helps me understand
Why look at that moon
Inspirator of many a tune
Why look at that moon

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