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Vic Mignogna – True Light (English Version) lyrics

Darkness of white
You can through the sadness take your flight
And become the wings
That pierce the veil

Spreading strong and true tonight.

Brought into the light at last
By the cold exposing sun.
I was granted freedom tamed
To become the chosen one
Through the mirror,
Night reflected;
Miraculous to see!
My soul threw away the mask
That hides the deeper me
Breaking the dark of night,
Piercing through the painted white.
Cut it all away
From yesterday

'Til an new era's in sight.
Unlock the heart within,
Let it spread its wings and soar.
Rising up in flight
Through the night of white
And fly on forever more!

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True Light (English Version) meanings

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    I'm really shy as well, so here's what I got from this: even though your afraid to take on new challenges that lie before you in life because your afraid of making mistakes, holding back your true potential is the biggest mistake your making. By taking chances, you can truly enjoy your life by realizing all of these things that you thought were never possible and by overcoming anything that stands in your way.
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    To me this song means that even though things may seem really bad they will get better and you will find a way to pull through. Once you do you will be able to help other people too. While helping other people is good on its own it also comes with great rewards. It is basically saying "fake it till you make it" and then eventually you will be able to accept yourself for you truly are, you. Also, it symbolizes a goal you have to reach, no matter how hard you have to work to achieve this goal of yours is you will always be able to pull through and it will pay off! Over all I think the song True Light is trying to tell us that no matter how hard our life is we will always be able to pull though and live another day and once we discover this meaning we will be rewarded! I hope this is helpful for you have a good day and take the songs advice by living life to its fullest and being happy! Oh and just fyi SSS Warrior cats is a really good YouTube channel and you should so watch it! Lol! Thanks for reading! :).
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