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Verve – Life's An Ocean lyrics

Life's An Ocean
Too mych comimotion, too much emotion
Dragging me down
Living for today, don't have time to pray
Ready for the game
Take a line of fickle flame

Imagine the future
Wke up with a scream
I was buying some feelings
From a vending machine
Say that I will see
Something more than I have
There's something inside of me
Crying out for something else
And if someone hears my scream
Put it in a letter to me
Slippery slidey road down

Life's an ocean too much commotion

Not enough emotion to satisfy me
Slippery slidey road down
It's slippery slidey road down

Hold my hand and we'll walk down
Dry those eyes and we'll walk down

Slippery slidey road down
Life's an ocean, life's an ocean
Too much commotion, too much emotion

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  • p
    I think the healthy voice inside him amidst knows there is something better,keeps him hanging on something unknown to live for..the ocean can take him someplace, it's unknown, yet too much emotion associated with the unknown which he is afraid of because he can't deal.. and buying some feelings from a vending machine?! that's thee most brilliant lyric I have ever heard. on so many levels.
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  • u
    'Life's an Ocean' is about just that!
    Richard Ashcroft suffers from depression, thus, this song seems to explain his feelings toward life the way he experiences it.
    "Life's an Ocean, Too Much Commotion, Too Much Emotion, Dragging Me Down"
    ^^He is feeling dragged down by Life, drained & feeling low. (We've all experienced this feeling, right?)
    "I was buying some feelings, from a vending machine"
    ^^What a great piece of lyric! It is probably a Metaphor for "buying" your happiness (or w/e emotion), it also makes me wonder, what if you could buy feelings from a vending machine? Buy happiness whenever you are feeling depressed.
    "Say that I will see, Something more than I have, There's something inside of me, Crying out for something else, And if someone here's my scream, Put it in a letter to me"
    ^^Outside he is depressed, Inside he know's there is something better. But is having trouble finding it. Then he says, "And if someone here's my scream, Put it in a letter to me", maybe he wants to know if someone else is feeling his pain, wants to know if anybody cares.
    Anyway, that is my take on it. :)
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