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Vertical Horizon – Children's Lullaby lyrics

Little girl was down by the waterside
The sun so hot and the roses so red where she lie
As little boys sit and watch as she twirls all around
Sunny smiles, not a raincloud could bring that girl down
But now....

What's behind those big brown eyes
Do you dream at night
Without your lullaby

Little boy sits alone as he sings in the dark
Wondering if his own dreams had pulled them apart
He sings a song of tomorrow he never can see
Mostly sings of a lost little girl's memory
And now...

As his dreams go flashing by
He begins to hear
A lonely lullaby

Well now
We used to sing
And we used to cry
Through everything
In our children's lullaby

Little girl on the street with nobody around
Has her head in the air, dirty feet on the ground
She shuts her eyes and she wonders is this a mistake
Now she's gone from the warmth of her little boy days
And still...

She believes that she'll get by
On her own without
Her little boy's lullaby

Little boy prays to God to answer his song
To hold her hand when everyone else's are gone
Time goes by and the wounds slowly turn into scars
So he makes his final wish on the midnight stars
And he screams...

Little girl won't you hear my cry
Won't you come back home
To your lover's lullaby

Little girl down by the waterside

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    I honestly think this is a song about an abused little girl who was good at hiding her pain. She appears joyous and happy, like nothing could bring her down but things go on behind closed doors. There was a boy who loved her at one point but they were pulled apart and he feels guilty. Time goes by, wounds turn to scars innocence is gone and he misses what they had. He still loves her even though they have been torn apart and he prays to god to help her and hold her hand bcoz really she is alone in this world. He realizes what he has lost by not being there for her and he screams to god to bring her back to him, to his lullaby and the safety of his arms. But the girl he knew is gone now, and he has to say goodbye to her he once knew.
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