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VersaEmerge – Whisperer lyrics

You play my nerves like strings, all upside down. Try to keep straight...
My limbs are bonding now. Since a few aprils ago, endless chase to send away this...
Tireless persistence of taste.

With a touch of your words I saw the devil sneak between my fingers (all to familiar)
With a touch of your words I've learned to reverse. It's gotten me no where...

A deep shade of horizon gold... The constellations remind me I am home.
We were lit from the west, our silhouettes, yet a sight of industrial-ness
As the silence wins over every word.

What am I supposed to think about wondering round inside out... ?
Patterns don't feel right, still speaking like you know what I'm all about.

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    I think the first verse speaks to the reaction of what happened when the band first came home from touring. (I'm guessing on this, it's just my interpretation) and how everything was shaky and strange and not like they thought it would be. The chorus seems to be about how once they're home the people they once knew are 'devils' people that either aren't supporting them or are trying to corrupt them somehow, but they were once friends/loved ones. So they 'learn to reverse' to become like they used to be before they left. Except they're just going nowhere because they can't turn back, but trying to pretend keeps them from going forward. The second verse sounds like a memory from when they were at home but yet it feels so strange, and the silence seems to 'win' and they still feel isolated despite being home. The last verse seems to talk about how the ones at home still think they know the band but don't realize that they have changed a lot and the band can't really connect to their home anymore because of the difference. Just bare in mind, this is all my opinion/interpretation! I frigging love this song to pieces, and versaemerge and I am so psyched for their new album =d
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