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Vera Lynn – The White Cliffs Of Dover lyrics

There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.
I'll never forget the people I met
Braving those angry sky's
I remember well as the shadows fell
The light of hope in thier eyes
And though I'm far away I still can hear them say
Sun's up
For when the dawn comes up
There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.
There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after.
Tomorrow, when the world is free
The shepherd will tend his sheep.
The valley will bloom again.
And Jimmy will go to sleep
In his own little room again.
There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.
There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

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    Juan Carlos Arreola
    It was the time of the Blitz. The British Isles under continuous attack of the Luftwaffe and the German invasion seemed imminent. The only thing holding the Germans at bay weye the brave pilots of the RAF in their Spitfire and Hurricanes and the sheer courage and determination of the British people whose iron will stood unshaven in the face of German bombs. Everything revolved around the defense of Britain and the people sacrificed much. Many children were sent to the countryside in the hopes of sparing them from the horrors of war in the fire bombed cities. Throughout all this the pilots of the RAF dueled the Luftwaffe for supremacy intercepting them on the coast and fighting fierce battles over the White Cliffs of Dover. Despite the violence of this terrible war, there was still hope, and the British people looked towards the future. A future were there would be peace again, future when the children could return home from the country again to be reunited with their families, a future where the nights would not have to spent in damp shelters, or in the Tube, but in the comfort of the family hearth, a future where there was no fear of invasion, a future when the blue skies were not filled with black smoke and the sounds of roaring aircraft engines. A future where humanity was not trying to kill themselves in the air, but instead the bluebirds could fly in peace once again over the White Cliffs of Dover. This was their hope for the future.
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  • u
    I'm not sure the meaning of the song. I do know, and was told by an 94 year old WWII vet by the name of Tom who was a bomber in a b-17. He told me through his 25 missions that him and the boys knew that once again they have lived to see another once the caught sight of the white cliffs of Dover. I guess no matter how battered their airship was it always seemed to take them back over the white cliffs of Dover. You see, on the way home after a bombing mission they could not see anything, didn't know where they where and sometimes depending on how bad they got shot up how much fuel they had. But always in the dark of night, flying north, they could see the white cliffs of Dover guiding them home safely, time after time.
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