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Velvet Acid Christ – The Calling lyrics

I rip apart the sky,
With a knife, tear out your own eyes, With your cries.
Now lift up the fever and bring it down,
A life was given, so don't be drowned,
Around the world in 7 days,
No jesus christ in my fucking veins.
I try to change the world, but it never moves,
It never budges, it never changes,
Your fucking life is such a waste,
You're living dead in your stupid race.
No pain, no glory, no shame, no nothing,
But you try, I wonder why, it's a bullet to be a lie, a lie, a calling dead.
When they call you to die, when they call you,
When they call you to die, to die.
When they call you, when they call you to die, to die.
They take everything away from you, strip you down,
Take off your clothes they shove their fingers up your ass, with broken glass.
Inflate your bowels, for their political fight,
To the right tiny specter in the sky, realize that we all die,
We try to with an inevitable but it's already too late,
Cause they destroy, destroy, destroy, everything.
Destroy, destroy, destroy, everything.
Into your life, and in your dreams, and in your world.
They all die, when they call you they'll die,
When they call you they'll die, when they call you,
When they call you to die, to die
Well, die.

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