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Various Artists – The Expatriate Act - The World/Inferno Friendship Society lyrics

What America do I live in if not this one?
And what do they think they are exporting? It's not me.
This land is my land where ever I stand
Only that money belongs to thee.

The riot of history, our history of riots
And the life you've stangled out of the word 'free'
Liberty ain't an airport in Newark
And towers don't need to be free.
You drop the 'e' in equality
Something nice in a high end catalogue
Never sent to the likes of me.
This land is my land where ever I stand,
What god has made let no man lease.

Some of the phrases in that rhetoric you're stuttering
Must mean the opposite to you than it does to me.
Yeah being scared and confused I guess is a part of freedom
Is that what you wanted me to get out of that speech?
Is there another America than the one I live in & why do I get their tv?
This land is my land and you should understand that when you say 'we'.

Oh say do you see
That the America you live in is not this one
And that you don't protect or represent me.
This land is my land but from where I stand outside the gated communities I can see
There is another America than the one I live in
And what they're exporting is me
This land is my land, where ever I stand
See you in the funny papers, or in the penitentiary.
This land is my land and I mean goddamn you're embarrassing me.

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