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Van Morrison – Meaning Of Loneliness lyrics

Lost in a strange city, no where to turn
Far cry from the streets that I came from
It can get lonely when you're trav'ling hard
But you can even be lonely
Standin' in your own backyard

Nobody knows the existential dread
Of the things that go on inside someone else's head
Whether it be trivial or something that Dante said
But baby, nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

No matter how well ya know someone
You can only ever guess
How can you ever really know somebody else?
It takes more than a lifetime
Just to get to know yourself
Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

(Instrumental & sax)

I have to say a word about solitude
For the soul it sometimes, they say can be good
And I'm partial to it myself, and well I must confess
Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

Well, it's Satra and Camu
Neitche and Hess
If ya dig deep enough you're gonna end
Up in distress
And no one escapes havin' to live life
Under duress
And no one escapes the meaning of loneliness

Well, they say keep it simple
When it gets to be a mess
And fame and fortune
Never brought anyone happiness

I must be lucky, some of my friends think
That I'm really blessed
Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

No-no, no-ooh body knows the meaning of loneliness

Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness.

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