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Van Der Graaf Generator – Pioneers Over 'c' lyrics

Left the earth in 1983, fingers groping for the galaxies,
Reddened eyes stared up into the void, 1, 000 stars to be exploited
Somebody help me I'm falling, somebody help me, I'm falling down
Into sky, into earth, into sky, into earth
It is so dark around, no life, no hope, no sound
No chance of seeing home again...
The universe is on fire, exploding without flame.
We are the lost ones; we are the pioneers; we are the lost ones
We are the ones they are going to build a statue for
Ten centuries ago or were going to fifteen forward.....
One Last brief whisper in our loved ones' ears
To reassure them and to pierce the fear
Standing at controls then still unknown we told the world we were
About to go
Somebody help me I'm missing, somebody help me I'm missing now
Touch with my mind, I have no frame,
Touch with my mind, I have no frame...
Well now where is the time and who the hell am I,
Here floating in an aimless way?
No-one knows where we are, they can't feel us precisely..
There is no fear here.
How can such a thing exist in a place where living and knowing
And being have never been heard of?
Doomed to vanish in the flickering light,
Disappearing to a darker night,
Doomed to vanish in a living death, living anti-matter, anti-breath
Somebody help me I'm losing, somebody help me, I'm losing now
People around, there's no-one to touch,
No people around, no-one to touch.
I am now quite alone, part of a vacant time-zone,
Here floating in the void,
Only dimly aware of existence, a dimly existing awareness,
I am the lost one, I am the one you fear, I am the lost one,
I am the one who went up into space, or stayed where I was,
Or didn't exist in the first place.....
Lyrics by Peter Hammill

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