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Utfo – The Ride lyrics

[ *car crashes* ]

You wanna ride?

[ *engine starting up* ]

I got a ride

Hey girl, just imagine me and you, along the road
Switchin from silent gear to a moany mode
All you gonna hear is [ *scratching* ] that's the motor, of course
(But don't let it get hot, or you'll feel the force
Hello, my name is Kangol Kid (You can call him Kangol, if you choose)
I'm Dr. Ice (How can you tell?) You can tell by the mous'
And I'm the Educated Rapper (The brainiac
And Mixmaster) woo-hah (The four is back)
Individually speakin, though I'm speakin for the crew
We all have rides, I hope you fellas do too
Mine is very powerful, yes, this is true
Mine can do tricks (What can yours do?)
Mine won't disagree with me, it's never frontin
All I gotta say is: "Yo, let's go skeezer huntin!"
After those command my ride will stand
Taller and prouder than any man
Crashin through vicious, on wet roads even
In other words, it's (Skeezin season!)
And brakes of course for my protection
So I don't waste my fuel injection
I'm makin it clear, the way I steer
I'll reach my destination - (Ah, I'm here)

I got a ride

I got a ride, and you can look inside
And if I ever die, I wanna die with my ride
I love the way it hugs, the way like it does
You wanna know why? Well, because...

It only takes one passenger when it's hot
Unless I wanna share it, okay, why not?
Just imagine a volcano when it's bound to erupt
(You wanna ride?) Come on girl, hurry up
Tell your mother where you're goin, and don't forget
If your mother wanna come, tell your pops: "Don't fret"
If he wants you home soon, tell him that's insane
(And if he says: "Picture that") consider it framed
(I got a ride) As if you didn't know
And if I catch a flat, girl, give me a blow
Cause I don't carry spares, cause spares, they cost
And plus my nuts are too hard to come off
(You dig it?)
You see, my ride is not a stretch-limo Cadillac
To tell the truth, I think my ride is much longer than that
So if you ever see my ride, girl, face to face
I doubt that it'll fit in your parking space
But I'll (push) if you wanna (push) if I gotta
And we can even (push) for the hell, why nada?
It's lovable and huggable and bendable
I won't sell it to ya, baby, but it's rentable
And if you're wonderin why, I'll tell you what for
(They don't make rides like this no more)

I got a ride

I got a ride, and you can look inside
And if I ever die, I wanna die with my ride
I love the way it hugs, the way like it does
You wanna know why? Well, because...

You see my ride
A lotta fuel you give it, premium or regular
Any kind of fluid from a female etcetera
Four-wheel drive, so I can get there in a giffy
And turbo-jogs in case I'm lookin for a quickie
But the tighter the roads, the harder I'll pursue
And my goal in my life with my ride is to shoot
For the finish line, so I can get there quick
Ask Bobby, Jimmy, Jack, or you can even ask (Dick)
You can even ask my mechanic
When she saw my ride, she didn't panic
You see, I got garages all over these parts
So I can park the ride whenever it gets dark
I got a sunroof, so wide, you can't miss it
Before I stick my head out, I gotta unzip it
Hey yo, I never got a ticket, if I do one day
They'll have a hard time towin this baby away

I got a ride

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