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USER – Amino Gino lyrics

He walks down the street
With 6-pack in his hand
He stares straight ahead
Not a word comes from his mouth
He's got glimmer in his eyes
And some gold punched in his jaw
And if ever gets out
He just might bite your ass

You better not feed him
He just gets meaner
You better not feed him
He just might freak out
You better not feed him
He just might beat you
Cause he's a mean dog
And mean a one

The doctor started bitchin
That everyone was dying
There's to much competition
And very little buying
Did you rape my shame?
Did you break my bones?
Did you fake the flames?

Girl you crushed his soul
She couldn't let him go

Don't hassle him
He just another mean dog
Don't play with his fur
He just might eat ya
Don't fuck with him
He just might blow up
And he's a mean one
He's demon
You won't even see him
You'll feel him breathing
You'll hear him screaming
As he kicks your fucking ass

Are you empty?
Out of gas
You can sell your soul
Here we go
How about a little revenge
How'd you like to
Spend your days locked in
Or maybe a park bench
And some fresh air
Might just take you down a notch
And then you just might want to

Amino Gino
Amino is his name
Cheating and screaming and freaking is his game

Amino Gino
Amino is his name
Leaving and cheating and scheming is his game

Amino Gino
Amino is his name

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