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Useless Id – Lost Once Again lyrics

Take a good look at your conscience now and tell me what you see,
â??Cause I'm still trying to understand the word "companionship"
This patriotic scene of life doesn't suit me here at all!
Remember how it started: truth and friendship, nothing more

And I'm still searching for that truth,
Searching for gone youth that you have lost so long agoâ?¦
Somehow I don't know what really goes inside your mind
And who has passed the line of being wrongâ?¦
Somehow, I don't knowâ?¦

And you can't even show some dignity
No, you can't show respect!
I never criticized your way of life
But you are just trying to show me how
I'm so wrong and what to doâ?¦
Well, I don't like you point of view,
So why do we have to compete?
Why can't we just let it go and be?
Become friends once again?
I know that you can understand
That there is no, there is no one to blame
Man, if you'll just understand
That there is no point in hating so much,
There is no point in being lost!
No matter how you look, there is always two sides to the coin
You'll choose which way is better for you,
For someone else it's worst than being told how to behave,
Than feeling so much lost
Yes, so much lost

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