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Urbandub – Gravity lyrics

A thievery plot to steal your wary heart.
I've confessed to the dark, I take her blessings.
The blind leads the weak,
Shut your mouth you don't need to speak
We'll commune under twisted sheets.

I'll sing you praises before the kill.

Tell me how your body works
You're my needed release
Pull you in to me with all gravity
Your body's worth
More than the expanse of the seas
I'm all in, cuz tonight there's only you and me

I'm chaotic, all I need is more
No use to scream, there's no one here to hear
It's erotic when we leave it all to chance
You can run if you want,
You can run if you want

I'll wait 'til the night is here

So we dance and I'm holding on
Yes, we dance and I'm holding on
I'm lost when you're not around
Tell me if you need it then I'll give it
Give you all of the world
Give you all of the world
The sin is worth the risk you're taking

Relax, concede, this will be over soon
Don't move, don't scream, breathe in

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Submitted bytyki5
Corrected bywarbaby342


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    This song is on the edge of falling into the river of poetry, but the second verse following the chorus part makes the song obvious with the word, "erotic." Yes, this song is erotic, but it is a showy kind of poetry set into music. But the song is good.
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    What is gravity to me?
    It's the feeling of your heart hitting rock bottom when you find out you have been left out of something yet again.
    It's the dread when you know someone, although they have yet to utter a word, is going to let you down again.
    It's the unexplainable feeling that a friend is in trouble, though you have no evidence and you are too far away to know.
    It's the force that pulls you back down when your head is in the clouds.
    It's the feeling of waiting for that rush to help you back up again.
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