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Underoath – Burden In Your Hands lyrics

Confusing and scared
There is a decision made with this choice
A child has to pay
She puts it's life in her hands,
And then she destroys it's only chance to become someone in life
You should of thought about the baby before you had sex,
Because you have destroyed a gift from God
You kill,
You destroyed
Never will this baby be able to grow up or show it's love
You'll never hear it say I love you, I love you
God does not give you the privilege to carry a child for nothing
When you kill,
You destroy that child's dreams and hopes
How innocent a baby is... how can you put it to death?
What if you were aborted...
You could've never had life
And now you make a choice to take this child's life
Because it is a burden in your hands
A burden in your hands
Destroyed out of convenience
They put an end to your life
Because you're too big a burden
And one that they can not have
So they take your life before your first breath
When will it stop? The killings continue
Babies die every day because of a pro choice made
Helpless and innocent they are put to death
Then why did the parents choose to plant a seed and then destroy it?
Pray for the people who are killing the kids of tomorrow
How desperately they need Jesus Christ in their hearts
So they take your life
Because your a burden in their hands
Destroyed our of convenience
They put a end to you life
Because you're too big a burden and one that they can not have
So they take your life before your first breath,
So they take your life before your first breath

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