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Ugly Duckling – Introduckling lyrics

(Ladies and gentlemen
The one and only
Takin care of plenty, plenty of business
Fantastically [...]
And we're about ready to have a party)

(*crowd cheers*)

(*Young Einstein cuts up*)
(Get down)
(Gimme an intro)

(Everybody say)
(Everybody say)

[ Andy C ]
Introduction of the Ugly Duckling, we're here
[?] microphone, when you put one in, gonna get it in gear
When you make a tight fist, put it in the air
Then you pump it like this
I do more legwork than a centipede
Or when you're goin uphill on a 10-speed
When I mc I harness energy
Break mics like sellery with mental telepathy
Then I melt them down till they vaporize
Then imprinted on the ground by my laser eyes
(Oh yeah) It's Andy, Dustin and Rod
Makin listeners applaud with their heads when they nod

[ Dizzy Dustin ]
Put the motor in the red, I've got the hot shred
And some Monroe Shocks for rocks on the road ahead
Like fire drills we keep you on your heels
With the analog sound off the two-inch reels
Wherever I'm at I burn a hole in the map
Like a Cartwright, but I spark mics
Ignite and keep it tighter than a facelift
There's so much flavor in the air, you can taste it
Leave it up to me to put the b in b-boy
I bring a point to your ear - like Leonard Nemoy
Dizzy Dustin is my nom de plume
In bloom on this Ugly introduction tune

(Get down)
(Gimme an intro)

(Everybody say)
(Everybody say)

[ Andy C ]
Check, check, check out my melody, I'm havin some fun
Goin Public like the Enemy - Number One
Steppin on the scene with or without pay
Gettin Wilder than Gene till the crowd goes (Hey!)
I rock events with much confidence
And catch compliments on all continents
So clap your hands everybody, Germany to Amsterdam
From the usa to the whole uk, Scandinavia and Japan

[ Dizzy Dustin ]
We been overseas, on tour with the jb's
Dizzy Dustin's introduction for this new lp
[ Andy C ]
Now we don't record keyboard
I use it for a kneeboard
We're not the other groups
We only ride loops (fat loops)
We keep it pure, been into this before
Rap had it's own section in the record store
And that's how it is, you can ask Diz
Listen for yourself, here he is

[ Dizzy Dustin ]
(Well alright)
There's three in ud, we're each from Long Beach
While Andy and I write, Rod searches for beats
They call him Einstein and everywhere you find us
He's right behind us where the dj stands
Pullin out black plates from one of his many crates
Scratchin like the Supreme Team with his hands


(*Young Einstein scratches*)

(Everybody say)
(Everybody say)
(Everybody say)

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