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Tynisha Keli – Incomplete lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Something something as simple as me hearing your name
Puts me puts me in a place that I can't even explain
I really didn't know back then
But right now I'm totally sure
Baby I know I'm your friend but I wanna be much more
I get butterflies when I see you comin'
Oh boy you got me runnin
This feelin' in my stomach tells me I should be your women
Cause your the only one who makes my fairytell come true

How could someone make me so sad
But still I only want them to stay
I wanna say I love you so bad
But I don't wanna scare you away
Please I wish that you'll understand
That I wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me

[Verse 2:]
I see I see you talkin to them girls on tha' phone
I wish that I could tell them all to leave you alone
Really didn't know back then
But right now I'm totally sure that I wanna be much more
I never really liked your girlfriends
Never really gave them a chance
Cause I realize that I'm your women


Said if you really love somebody
I mean really really really really love somebody
Let me hear you say yeh
Let me hear you say yehhhhh
If you really know you need em'
And you know deep down your never gonna leave em'
Let me hear you say yehhhhh
Let me hear you say yehhhhhhhh

[Chorus x3]

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