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Tyga – Let It Show lyrics

While my emotion grows, I still won't let it show
I still won't let it show
Even if I'm broke, I still won't let it show
I still won't let it show

[Verse 1- Tyga]
Nigga, welcome to my life
Life feels like I'm running through a red light
Don't believe what the blogs write
Mufuckas wanna know me so they call me Mike
I'm just chillin, watching the fight
Few friends, fake girls, pour me some ice
Table glass slippers on, lower the blinds
Never been shy, I just ignore lies
Take a look into Tyga's eyes
I breathe love but inhale the hate bomb
So numb my face gone, I need my space
And I don't do facebook
Seriously how my face look
How could a man cry while the crowd looks?
Could you walk with me if I give you my foot?
Didn't think you could...

While my emotion grows, I still won't let it show
I still won't let it show
Even if I'm broke, I still won't let it show
I still won't let it show
My mind overloads I still won't let it show
I still won't let it show
People I love the most, I still won't let it show
I won't let it show

[Verse 2- Tyga]
I don't wanna feel like most rappers feel when they get a deal
Like, "yeah I'm bigger than him, he's still loco"
Gotta keep it real cause they will go loco
Like "he ain't ever go through shit we go through"
So I guess now I owe you
No, now I hold you, watch the niggas close to you
Don't compare careers, his and his fools
Acting like I knew you back in middle school
Dropped out, mama said I was a fool
I brought the drop out now me and mama cool
Told her I won't lose, showed her a Jimmy Choo
She call me son now, tell me she real proud, smiles
Oh what a feeling to be loved
Oh what a feeling to be loved
I wish I could fly like a dove


[Tyga (speaking)]
I've learned that people will forget what you say
People will forget what you did or done
But people will never forget how you made them feel
Don't cry because it's over
Smile because it happened

[J Cole]
Cole World, niggas ran for that heat
As the globe twirl gotta stay up on your feet
Before I say it to my girl, I say it to the beat
Then I play it for the world
And they say that shit is deep
My life is changing as we speak
They acting like they never seen a nigga on the beach
I say "peace" hope there's no sharks in my water
Then holla at my mama, man she love to see Obama
Do his thing, now look how far niggas done came
They had us on the chains, now we coppin bigger chains
Now they say that it's smart, old nigga don't trip
But they had us on the whips, now we counting bigger whips
Oh shit, wonder how bad will it get before he rise
I'm out here trying to get rich: I survive
And a nigga got God to thank
And I'm still throwin 5 in the tank, nigga cole!

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    Hey carl looks like you took this cenmomt a little personal. I thought this was a sight to go to and give your opinions, and we all are entitled to say what we feel is right or wrong without being verbally attacked. If we read something we should be able to agree or disagree without getting personal, because then the blind folds go on. You threw a lot of stuff out there a lot I did not agree with, but that is your opinion and you have a right to that opinion without being called wrong. I would like to say something about christians since you threw that out there. We christians (that includes pastors, priests, deacons etc.) are sinners saved by grace and we fall short all the time. We are far from being perfect, so don't look at what we do and compare it to what anyone else is doing. If you believe in god he is the only one you have to please, not us.
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