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Tye Tribbett – It's Time Now lyrics

Excuse me can I talk to you please
Give me a few minutes then you can leave
I'm a show you who I'm talking to
It may be a lot and it may be few
You know there is a God around
Grandma used to take you to the church downtown
But you were young and Grandma made you do it
Some of ya'll paid attention some slept right thru it

It's time now, no better time than now
For you to turn back to God

Please turn back to God

Life gets so heavy at times
Troubles add up to the mountain high
There's no way that we can get around them
So put your trust in God and not in men
In your heart you know that God is real
You know that He can save and He can heal
So don't front on what you know is true
'Cause right now God is watching you


Just one more verse and then I'm through
I don't wanna get on your nerves but I am really concerned about you
I want you to make it to heaven
Instead of wasting time down here just having fun
Just look at the signs of the times
Terrorists and wars everywhere not to mention crime
Jesus is coming back so soon
I betcha heard that from Grandma too

It's time now, no better time than now (repeat 4 times)
Won't you please give God a chance
In your life He will enhance......Yeah
No better time than now

Yes I know you've had some pain
But turn to God don't go insane......Yeah
No better time than now

So how long will you live that life
Whatever's wrong just get it right..... Yeah
No better time than now

Don't deny the way you feel
God is real yes He's real.... Yeah
No better time than now


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