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Twenty One Pilots – Ruby lyrics

Ruby, I hope I see you,
I've waited all this week
For you to walk my way.
Your song will capture me

Your mama painted your room
A shade of pink, she said
But with your great arrival
That shade has turned to red.

Ruby, take my hand
Please lead me to the promised land.
Tell me, where am I from?
Your eyes say, 'Sha-da-dey-da-dum'

Ruby, you're royalty.
In your homeland, they all call you queen.
Tell me, where are you from?
Your eyes say, 'Sha-da-dey-da-dum'

You're an angel fallen down,
Won't you tell us of the clouds
You have fallen from the sky;
How high? How high?
[End Chorus] (2x)

You're true and pure.
You hold the cure.
We're all disease.
You hold the key.


Tell our dad I'm sorry. (6x(?))

You're an angel. (5x)

Tell our dad I'm sorry. (3x)

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    Tyler, the singer has said that he wrote this song about a girl at his church who had down syndrome. The lyrics, "Ruby I hope I see you, I've waited all this week For you to walk my way, your soul will capture me." Back that up. This song is commonly mistaken for a love song, alas that is not true.
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