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Turtles – Lady O lyrics

The Turtles
(Judee Sill)


(acoustic guitar [4X]:)

v v v v

Verse 1:

G5 D/F# Em Gmaj7/D
3x003x 2x0232 0x2000 xx0032
While you sit and seek a crescent moon is laying
C#dim D/C
x45353 x30232
At your feet
G/B Am7
x2003x x0201x
With hope that's made of sand
G/B Am7
x2003x x0201x
It don't think you can
D7sus4/G D7/F# G G/C G [1: G/C 2-4: (G)]
3x021x 2x021x
But you have held it all in your hands

Verse 2 [strings enter]:

I've been trying hard to keep from needing you
But from the start
My heart just rolled and flowed
I've seen where it goes
Still somehow my love for you grows, Lady-o

Bridge [chords are composite of guitar and string parts]:

A/G D/F#
So on my heels I'll grow wings
Gonna ride silver strings
D7sus4/G D7/F# G G/C G G/C
But I'll see you in my holiest dreams, Lady-o [3: slow down; to tag]

[instrumental break w/piano and strings over verse 2 chords]

[repeat chorus]

[repeat verse 2]

[repeat chorus w/wordless vocals]



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