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Trout Fishing In America – Dragons In The Sky lyrics

(K. Grimwoode. Idlet)
Chorus: Cracked up, really laughin',
In the middle of the saddest part;
Racked up, I ain't lyin',
But I ain't about to fall apart.
Nothin' funny about washin' dishes,
Nothin' funny 'til you break one;
Nothin' funny about hammerin' nails,
Nothin' funny 'til you hit your thumb;
Nothin' funny about mowin' the lawn,
'til you cut off one of your toes;
My life's been funny lately,
Yeah, I'm about to split my sides,
My life's been funny lately,
I gotta laugh to keep from cryin. '
Nothin' funny about ironin' clothes,
Nothin' funny 'til you burn your shirt;
Nothin' funny about the way it goes,
Nothin' funny 'til it starts to hurt;
Nothin' funny about drivin' a car,
'Til the car runs out of gas;
And my life's been funny lately,
But it's not boring me to death,
My life's been funny lately,
I need a chance to catch my breath.
I know a man, he's got no problems,
He asks no questions; that's 'cause he knows all the answers.
This same man has many friends, makes lots of money,
Nothin' ever goes wrong, but he never really laughs!
Chorus2: Cracked up, cracked up,
I've been cracked up, really cracked up,
I'm cracked up, I've been cracked up,
Yeah, I'm cracked up, really cracked up.
Nothin' funny about a big parade,
Nothin' funny 'til it starts to rain;
Nothin' funny about a broken wing,
Nothin' funny 'til it's on your plane;
Nothin' funny bout fallin' in love,
'Til your love flies out the door;
And my life's been funny lately,

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