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Tripod – Hot Girl In The Comic Shop lyrics

There was a, hot girl in the comic shop
And I didn't know what to do.
There was a, hot girl in the comic shop
She was lookin' at Doctor Who.
There was an actual girl in the comic shop
What am I meant to say?
I had to check to make sure that she wasn't just
A human sized cardboard display.
My competition was a kid with pimples and a guy in a wheelchair,
So I knew I had to act fast
So many questions in my mind
What would be a good pick-up line?
Why had a hot girl just walked in?
If the Hulk fought Spiderman, who would win?
Good question...
I guess that Spiderman's advantage would be his web
And his manual dexterity
But then again the Hulk's endurance is limitless
And he's much stronger than spidey would be.
There was a,
Hot girl in the comic shop,
Just a minute ago.
There was a,
Hot girl in the comic shop,
Did anyone see her go?
Had she come to the comic shop lookin' for love?
Guess i'll never know

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