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Trip Lee – Call Us Crazy lyrics

(Feat. Tedashii)

Verse 1: trip lee
Some folks gone call us insane cause we don't spit to get change
No grills, chains or big rings that just aint how we live, mayne
We ain't worried bout no big fame we tryina lift up his name
They think Trip deranged cause I got a whip but I don't care to grip grain
We aint hollin at no groupies we them dudes who be
Livin right givin Christ all we got truly
Some started to exclude me when the saw the new me
And I tried to tell em God is watchin like a movie
Naw we don't need no chix boy we found a way to get joy
Even though we get outkast like Andre and Big Boi
We aint gotta be them rich boys aint gotta be them fly dudes
Nope. This ain't no lie dude. I wish you knew what I do
It don't phase us cause we claim to be aliens and strangers
Kats liftin his name up and telling folx he saved us
We stryed from our sinful ways naw dawg we can't have it
Think we crazy for it? Gone throw us in them straight jackets

Chorus: trip lee
Oh yeah they talk down, oh yeah they call us crazy
Cause we don't walk around tryna be no ballas baby
We praise the Son of Man they think we crazy dawg
Cause they don't understand so we just shake it off
Oh yeah they talk down, oh yeah they call us crazy
Cause we don't walk around tryna be no ballas baby
We imitatin Christ he's more than holy dude
He's what we need in life. Man, if they only knew

Verse 2: tedashii
Lemme get some, lemme talk to em
Now you talk noise and walk hard but we was dogs like junk yards
Our hearts hard got you callin me crazy like Joe Clark
I know dawg, it seems off

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