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Trinidad James – Def Jam lyrics

Yo, comin' to you live from the Hen
This your South Side boy,
You know, Atlanta boy
James, and I'm checkin' it with my niggas
The best clothes in the game
DJ Tough Blood
And this is the FYM
Exclusive, fuck you mean, nigga?


I be the nigga that always stay real
Being a real nigga got me a deal
They say he go crazy, they say it too real
But being a real nigga got me a deal

I want all these hoes to know
That a real nigga just hit the door
All the Versace and all my clothes
I did not beg for this fame, i was chose
I did acting for all of my flows
(???) the flesh of the song
I was that nigga that boarded the clothes
Now I'm that nigga that's rockin' the shows
You think you know me, but you do not know
I can minus my (???) and turn it to gold
I tell all of my niggas I love them or so
I can't focus on niggas to show me no love
Cause I came in the game and I showed niggas love
Cause I came in the game and I swiped niggas up
I fuck with security, don't fuck with no chumps
I used to smile in their face but I give them no trust
Yo, Diggy, you real nigga, tell 'em
(Turn this bitch up!)


Tell all these chill ass niggas
Don't play with me, playa
Cause yo niggas owe me some papers
That mean that they play for me, playa
Might not believe me, but I have no reason
To talk or to hate on you, playa
I am too busy, smokin' on gas
And makin' away from my niggas
My niggas got kids, they momma be trippin'
Momma be paid, give that bitch what she want
I don't check my account and I know that I save enough
Knowledge, my nigga, my God is so serious
Been to the Caine, are you hearin' me nigga?
Just tryna make it, they playin' you, nigga?
Child support late, they ain't payin' you, nigga?
Shout on the radio, you stay with yo nigga


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