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Trina – Clear It Out lyrics

Yea, it's clear
I'm livin the life
Of the rich
And the famous
In every magazine published
I'm gracin the pages
Media versus celebrities
It's outrageous
Put on a few septics
You can rock a few stages
I'm setting
New standards for women
Rappers embracing
My chronological makeup
A switch a bitch pace up
A trimp setter, go getta
Money maka, grant winna
Dropped in 98
Had the world
Sayin nan nigga

I been around the world
And er body hat'n
If dey talkn I'm da topic
Of da conversation
Now clear it out
Clear it out
I had up to here
Clear it out
Clear it out
I had up to here
I had a lot of friends
Now I got a lot of foes
When you gettin money
This is just
Da way it goes
Now clear it out
Clear it out
I had it up to here
Clear it out
Clear it out
I had it up to here

Now er body
Talkin bout me
I could give a dam tho
If dey hatn now
Wait till dey c me
In the lambo
1000 dollas shoes
European jewels
Million dolla crib
With da swimmin pool
I'm just doin me
You should be doin you
Get yo own hoe
Don't worry
Bout my revenu
I brought it
From da hood
To da big screen
Now I'm prime time
Of the magazine


Stop dat pop up
Out da south
Clear it out
Clear it out
Keep my name up
Out yo mouth
Clear it out
Clear it out
Fuck dem hatas
N dem hoes
Clear it out
Clear it out
You gettin doe
Let it show
Clear it out
Clear it out


(Repeat Verse 3 [1x])


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