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Trial – In The Balance lyrics

While I choke strangled by the hands of time
My life slowly slips away
The dollars I save aren't worth the days I've spend
With images of freedom as lies in my head
The hand that feeds will always bleed me dry
Through these hours these minutes these moments are mine
No one else will guide the way
Break the silence before it breaks us...
Down to a point from where there's no escape
Where regret destroys whatever life remains
And you when you've told yourself a lie
The path of least resistance destroys you in time
Is it heresy to want to live today? that's not asking to much
So many are barely getting by and starving in the streets
While in denial of death yet still afraid to be free
We grovel beneath the pantheon of security
Assured as we sell our dreams to buy our pain
That "the meek shall inherit" when only the strong will reign
All life hangs in the balance I won't wait until it drops
I can't wait they might not have another day
I have to live I might not have even on more day

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