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Trey Songz – Another One Triggamix lyrics

[Time to kill another one]x3

I'm about what they ain't see, I be out where they can't be
It's easy as "A, B" they actually can't "C"
The way I ball out, like they retina's carved out
But you guys stink like the breath from a dog's mouth
She's a gorgeous freak, she destroys my sheets
The D keep her coming back around, airport police
The way I'm rocking, see, it's like I front-porched the beat
And you ain't fly nigga, Air Forces cheap
Everybody was sleeping, now I'm living my dreams
She say she love the whip, then I dig in her cream
I see you blood suckers and you venomous fiends
I know you niggas tight, must be envious jeans
You know I'm bout mine, and if you didn't know
Aye what the fuck you think I'm getting, Ho
Haters eat a d***, I'm in a learjet
The green keep growing, ch-ch-ch-chia pet
My body full of liquor, give me some more though
Verses richer than Richie, you got that poor flow
I'm still a skinny nigga, my pockets gore though
She's only mine for the moment, we know she's your Ho
Know what I mean nigga? She give that head right
I'm bout my green nigga, trigga running red lights
Eating better everyday but I swear that I'm starving
R&B was just for starters so rappers I'm sorry
Keep the bottles coming, but take them sparkles off
Special shout to my diamonds, and how they sparkle all
Ten acres in Virginia, that's my humble abode
But the Miami high-rise for stumbling hoes
She's a lot of fun, she take her time through it
She make my body come, but her mind do it
See I'm sicker than most, let's forget what I gross
I've had significant growth, you've got permission to fold
Hot, blistering flow, competition is no
Baby it's fuck the world, got my d*** in the globe
Take a sip of the rose, gave her tiffany stones
My young money has grown, so she miss when I'm gone
Have incredible nights, pray for better tomorrows
Love the gift that is life, cuz the present is borrowed
I'ma live forever, like my presence immortal
Told her bow down, there's a blessing before you
If you didn't see, I'm so into me
Thinking back to when they told me what I couldn't be
My star shine bright, but fuck the limelight
Just keep the bread coming, and keep the wine white
Women in model form get their baby gargle on
Lifestyle fast, bout to get my full throttle on
And I noticed this, people go unnoticed when focusing on something thought provoking
So I boast instead
It make you wonder, but it's all about a loaf of bread
I get the picture and it's different since I spoke to Kev
Wheels up, wheels down trucks outside
Get it up I put it down, keep your mouth wide
Killed this track, time to kill another one
World wide but Virginia's where I'm coming from
Mama just got a Benz probably get my brother one
Two freaks here but I want another one
Boy fresher than tuxedos with the cummerbund
Boy I'm hot s*** like a toilet in the sun
Only one me, never be another one
Cougars on the prowl, I can make your mother c**

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